Sunday, August 28, 2005

Online Poker Variance

What a horrific week I had playing the $10+1 online poker tournaments at Party Poker
. The top Sit-n-Go players at 2+2 talk about the variance swings in SnGs. I just never though I would see them at the $10s. The players are so poor that I felt online poker variance wouldn't be a real issue. I guess I was kidding myself. I review alot of my hand histories and still think I'm playing solid online poker. I just lost alot of coin flips and ran into some monster hands when I was blind stealing. Not much I can do about that. I didn't play any poker last week. Our USTA Men's tennis team won our local division and we advanced to Sectional Playoffs. We came in second in sectionals and only lost the Philadelphia by 1 court when our top doubles player broke his wrist during a close second set. Was heartbreaking but we had a great time. Played tennis all day and drank and played poker all night. Here are my stats for the week.

94 $10+1 SnGs
ITM 30.9%
ROI -20.7%
Profit -$214.00

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Free Online Poker Tournament - Million Dollar Freeroll

Sportsbook has just completed it's integration with Paradise Poker and is celebrating by hosting the world's first million dollar free online poker tournament. Here is how you enter:

1. Install the ParadisePoker client on your PC and click on it to enter the lobby.
2. Register to join one of the private tables called "Sportsbook". Registration is open until 8 pm EDT>
3. You'll need a password, it's 1milliondollars. Note that the password is case sensitive.
4. The tournaments themselves are at 10 PM EDT daily.

There are tons of great free online poker promotions right now. Stay on top of these exciting free online poker games and free online poker info at No Limit Freerolls Promotions.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A 2+2 Online Poker Success Story

A recent success story from the 2+2 SnG Forum. Unarmed got an online poker coach and put alot of time and effort into his online poker tournament game. He started playing the $5+1 Sit-n-Go poker tournaments at Party Poker six months ago and is now beating the $100+9s. Here is the link. Online poker tournaments require a strategy. Here is a great poker article on advanced strategy in online poker tournaments..

A Nice 2+2 Success Story by Irieguy

Monday, August 15, 2005

An Online Poker Weekend Heater

Played 90 online poker tournaments this past week. Didn't meet my goal of 25-30 sets which would be 100-120 Sit-n-Go. I got close but need to push a little harder if I'm going to meet my monthly online poker goals. The week started out strong and than turned ugly quickly. By the 50th SnG I was break even. Than Friday night came and I went on a little online poker weekend heater at Party Poker. The online poker tournament tables were teaming with bad players all weekend long. Here is a good article on poker tournament blind stealing strategy. Its a good read. Here are my online poker stats for the week.

90 $10+1 SnGs
ITM% 48.9%
ROI% 33.3%
Profit $330.00
Rakeback $18.00
Total $348.00

PS - I placed in 2nd and 3rd most often. If this trend continues I will need to take a serious look at my ITM play. My ROI should have been much higher considering how high my ITM was. I need to review my online poker final table play. Here is a good article for online poker final table strategy..

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hired an Online Poker Coach

I e-mailed a few of the top online poker players on 2+2. None were coaching currently but they did give me a few names of other top online poker tournament players who are teaching. I found 2 online poker coaches available. One charges $80/hr and the other would coach me for a 30% of my profits. I think both would be excellent poker coaches but I like the fact that one is willing to coach me for a percentage. I think this will be a great way for me to advance in levels quickly. I hope to reach the 33-55s in 6 months. I think this is achievable given my current ability and bankroll. I'll send my coach 20 SnG summaries this weekend and he will give me a detailed report on what I need to focus on for the next few weeks. I look forward to his analysis and will post some of his comments.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Online Poker Affiliate Marketing - A Nice Suprise!

Late last year I met some other online poker players who were marketing online poker also. They showed my how they generated some nice monthly revenues by promoting free online poker with a website. It was inexpensive to start-up and doesn't require alot of time to manage. I followed their advice but didn't have any real expectations of making much money. So I slapped up a cheap website called No Limit Freeroll and got it listed in some search engines and link swapping. I hadn't checked my online poker marketing accounts in months. So today I decided to check my accounts and transfer any money I had acquired into my online poker bankroll. There was over $600 in my accounts. I was amazed. Imagine if I had put some effort into my site and marketing online poker. All the revenues were generated in the last 6 weeks. One guy deposited over $1500 in the past 4 weeks. I even have 2 sub-affiliates generating revenue for me. This re-charged my interest in affiliate marketing online poker and I will keep you all update on my results. Check my affiliate links for good online poker sites to market. You can e-mail me if you want to tips on how to get started or check out my online poker affiliate marketing page at No Limit Freerolls..

Sunday, August 07, 2005

My First Week Back at the Online Poker Tables

I'm back grinding out some $10+1 SnGs at Party Poker. The online poker tables are as fishy as I remember. Online poker players are going all-in on the first round with suited junk , any 2 Broadways, and weak Aces. I started out 2-tabling and plan on expanding to 4 and 6 tables in the coming weeks. My goal is to play 25-30 sets per week. This is a tough online poker goal for me but with summer almost over I should be able to reach this goal consistantly. I played 48 Sit-n-Go online poker tournaments this week. My results were lack luster. I'm making some mistakes and hitting some variance. I'm going to find an online poker coach from 2+2. A few of the top players take on students from time to time. Not sure if I can afford their fees but I'm going to look into it. Here are my online poker stats for the week. If your are looking to improve your online poker tournament play here is a great article at No Limit Free Rolls online poker basic strategy

48 10+1 SnGs
ITM 33.3%
ROI -1.5%
Profit $-8.00
Rakeback $9.60
Total $1.60

Monday, August 01, 2005

A Little History of My Online Poker Experience

I began playing free online poker a year ago. It began as a way to improve so I could beat my buddies in their local everything is wild card game. Free online poker and free poker tournaments have turned into a real hobby and eventually a nice part-time poker income. I haven't played free online poker games for the past 5 months. I'm back now and I am hungry to play again online poker again. I'm a small stakes player on Party Poker and this blog will chronicle my online poker adventure. There are some great online poker articles at No Limit Free Rolls online poker strategy section.