Sunday, August 07, 2005

My First Week Back at the Online Poker Tables

I'm back grinding out some $10+1 SnGs at Party Poker. The online poker tables are as fishy as I remember. Online poker players are going all-in on the first round with suited junk , any 2 Broadways, and weak Aces. I started out 2-tabling and plan on expanding to 4 and 6 tables in the coming weeks. My goal is to play 25-30 sets per week. This is a tough online poker goal for me but with summer almost over I should be able to reach this goal consistantly. I played 48 Sit-n-Go online poker tournaments this week. My results were lack luster. I'm making some mistakes and hitting some variance. I'm going to find an online poker coach from 2+2. A few of the top players take on students from time to time. Not sure if I can afford their fees but I'm going to look into it. Here are my online poker stats for the week. If your are looking to improve your online poker tournament play here is a great article at No Limit Free Rolls online poker basic strategy

48 10+1 SnGs
ITM 33.3%
ROI -1.5%
Profit $-8.00
Rakeback $9.60
Total $1.60


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