Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Solid Week at Party Poker

Really had a profitable week playing the $10 Sit and Go's at Party Poker . I ramped up my aggression when I reached the money and it has paid dividends. 39 ITM finishes with 18 1st and 10 2nd. I'm sure I was being overly aggressive at times. My tendency is to be too aggressive when I'm running well and too timid when I'm running poorly playing online poker. I need to find that medium ground. Still no analysis on my poker ability from my new poker coach. I'll give him another week before I search for a new coach. I'm ready to move up to the $20+2's but am waiting for his analysis first. I made over $1800 play SnG's at Party Poker over my last 500 games. I think with some effort I could play 600 per month. On average that would be about $1500-$2000 extra per month. That's no too shabby. Here's a great article on Poker Heads Up Strategy that helped me improve me play. There is also a Online Poker Promotions section on No Limit Freerolls that will show you some great tournaments you can quailify for with cheap entry fees. I also started playing some No Limit Ring again. I'm playing $10 - $25 No Limit Ring games at Ultimate Bet, The Gaming Club, and Pacific Poker. They have some low limit ring games and the competition is fairly week. I'm trying to improve my deep stack play for tournaments. There are some great weekly guaranteed tournaments with cheap qualifiers that I want to start entering. Here is a great source for online poker tournament info.

Stats for the week:

90 $10+1 SnGs
ITM 43.33%
ROI 43.43%
Profit $43o.00

900 Hands $25 No Limit Ring
BB/Hand 3.44
Profit $16.00

Total Weekly Profit $446.00